Inroducing Michelle…

Michelle Mortlock is a world class business woman who has a gift that is priceless. In Greek Mythology King Midas was popularised for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. If you look at the literal meaning of ‘Midas Touch’, it states:

An uncanny ability to make money from every venture / The ability to make money out of anything one undertakes / The ability to turn any business venture one is associated with into an extremely profitable one / The ability to produce huge profits with ease / The ability to effect successful outcomes / The ability to succeed in everything you do especially money.

Meet Michelle Mortlock, she undoubtedly has the ‘Midas Touch’ in spades!

Making the impossible possible!

Michelle has worked with thousands of business owners from solopreneurs starting on their journey to stock exchange listed corporates. Her 25+ years in the Chartered Accountancy field, together with practical experience in a number of businesses has provided a strong foundation to focus on the profitability of any organisation/business.

However over the years she has realised that the leader of the organisation, or the business owner required their own transformation whilst the business was transforming. Given her standards for excellence she was not just interested in short term results for her clients, she was interested in ’sustainable transformation’ across the board which underpins all the work she performs.

She has the unique gift and talent to reach and inspire people from all walks of life! She can work with the stressed out business man or woman in the SME sector to the Boardroom level C-Suite Executive. She can work with those who have money as their main nemesis to those who are financially successful and wishing to achieve the next level of trajectory!

She wishes to INSPIRE people to transform their relationship with money to BELIEVE anything is possible, regardless of what goals they’ve set for themselves for the purposes of THRIVING at all levels of their being. She has one key philosophy, money is not the root cause of your dynamics, your mindset is. She can disseminate information and quickly pinpoint what is occurring for you and your organisation/and or business through her uncanny intuitive ability. She quite literally is a magician who makes the impossible possible.

Your Past Never Defines Your Future!

You Can Transform…


Your Business

Your Organisation

Transforming yourself, your business or organisation

Michelle believes that one’s mindset in the area of money is highly underestimated. Anyone can transform themselves, and or transform their organisation or business, but it takes something to sustain this change. Belief and behavioural change in the area of financial mastery takes more than a cursory glance at ones books. It takes a dedicated person or leader to do the inner work that many are unwilling to experience. Some believe that death and public speaking are the two biggest fears that people harbour but through many decades of working with the human condition both personally & professionally, Michelle knows more that most that a bigger fear is divulging ones honest status of their financial position.

The liberation experienced when someone, a trusted advisor, aka Michelle, can calmly and equanimously review your financial situation and provide advice on how to navigate from A to B is without a doubt priceless. No one can put a dollar value on what she can offer for the benefits are unequivocally life altering.

Michelle was part of a pivotal group that had significant influence on the accounting software Xero before it was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. This coupled with decades of trouble shooting software and accounting systems has allowed Michelle be an invaluable asset in any business. She is currently a trustee on the Avalon Aotearoa Charitable Trust, a member of the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and a member of the Institute of Directors and has partnered many organisations and business owners to grow from $100,000’s to millions in a short space of time.

Outside of her private high end coaching practice she also runs her own Chartered Accountancy practice ‘Elevation Chartered Accountants’ where she regularly runs workshops, trainings and is a highly sort after keynote speaker.

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