Inspiring people to believe in themselves 

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What is The Midas Touch?

The Midas Touch is an uncanny ability to make money from every venture / The ability to make money out of anything one undertakes / The ability to turn any business venture one is associated with into an extremely profitable one / The ability to produce huge profits with ease / The ability to effect successful outcomes / The ability to succeed in everything you do especially where money in involved / Transcend any scarcity beliefs you have around money / Full access to ‘Midas Touch Mindset Mastery Education’ to transform your relationship with money to unfathomable levels.

In our work we inspire people to believe in themselves and then they thrive.


INSPIRE you to experience financial FREEDOM


Partner you to BELIEVE you can indeed HAVE IT ALL


Teach you how to THRIVE and experience what it means to prosper & flourish to new dimensions

Michelle has worked with thousands of business owners from solopreneurs starting on their journey to stock exchange listed corporates.

Her 25+ years in the Chartered Accountancy field, together with practical experience in a number of businesses has provided a strong foundation to focus on the profitability of any organisation/business

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