It is your responsibility to interview the coach, they will ask you questions on what you want to achieve.  By finding out these goals you can then discover the skill set you are lacking in achieving these yourself.  Then you can question the coach on their skillset – every coach has a background and some speciality – no point in choosing a relationship specialist if you need coaching around money – although some topics are inter linked you will need some expertise in finding the root of your problem and then working on that.

I specialise in peoples’ relationship with money – many other’s have a background in marketing – by defining the goals you have up front you will find out what expertise you really require.

Don’t be scared to compare coaches.

When you interview your coach make sure they have the following qualities:

  1. They have “been there and done that” – they have real world experience
  2. Share your ethics and morals
  3. No holds barred accountability
  4. Have a good rapport with you
  5. Impeccable references – ask around for who is recommended to you

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